Pura Vida

They say your skin regenerates in 4 weeks
And you have not touched me in 2 years.
I have become completely new
26 times
So tell me why
Does my skin still feel like you?
How is it that my body still flinches away
from another’s touch?
And I am still not capable
Of absorbing another’s love?
Nothing about me feels clean or new.
I am used and broken
I have collected rust
And I will destroy the people
who cut themselves on me.

You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.

Learn to write by doing it. Read widely and wisely. Increase your word power. Find your own individual voice though practicing constantly. Go through the world with your eyes and ears open and learn to express that experience in words.

—P.D. James (via writersrelief)

(via writeworld)